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Fun facts about Easter!


The festival of Eostre was a pagan one where great parties celebrated the beginning of spring after a dark and dreary winter. The name came from the Goddess of spring and after the Christian missionaries spread their message to the Anglo Saxons, the festival of Eostre became Easter.


Hard-boiled eggs with coloured shells were the thing back in the day before chocolate came on the scene. And some people still colour eggs and give them to each other on Easter
Eggs have always been a symbol of new life and hope and eggs were often decorated with symbols to aid harvest or health. Some people would hang decorated eggs on trees or plant eggs in fields to ward off evil spirits

Here comes the bunny!

But why? We go back to the pagan celebration by the early Anglo-Saxons whose Goddess of spring; Eostre was symbolised by a rabbit.
The Germans also revered rabbits (as have many other cultures throughout time) and the first sign of the Easter Bunny was in the 1500’s in Germany.

Get your Sunday best on

It is said that it is unlucky if you do not wear a new article of clothing on Easter Sunday and the history of this little tale most likely comes once again from the pagans who would get all dressed up in bright clothes at Eostre to celebrate the end of the winter and to symbolise the vivid colours that Springtime would bring.